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My Journey. My Evolution

  • DigiCaptions India Pvt Ltd.

    Kickstart of my work career. Not in any terms related to IT, but a Media industry. Worked here as part of C&D (Conversion & Delivery) team. One of the most interesting fun jobs which includes, final converting English and language subtitles for major Hollywood Studios into formats like TIFF, BMP, PNG, DFXP, SRT, SCC etc. and then posting them to client sites, respecting tight client deadlines.

  • Tata Consultancy Services

    An Introduction to the IT world. Entering such a giant company definitely had its perks. These 2 years, lucky enough to work for a well-renowned/brilliant client named Mckinsey&Company, I got huge hands on exposure to various tech-stacks like RoR, Angular, UI/UX, Full Stack Development, DBs in such a short span of time. It helped me mould my skills and choose a stream that I henceforth passionately followed -- UI.

  • Xebia IT Architects

    After I chose UI and managed to get good with it, this could simple be described as one of my favourite playgrounds. Xebia was brilliant in terms of giving me the freedom to expand my creativity, innovation taking my skills to the next level. Working on fun POCs, numerous excellent pet projects, attending conferences, winning hackathons, writing blogs, building their Official website along with other internal critical applications gave me the ammunitions I needed. Fortunately after all this I got the chance to work for Mckinsey&Company again, this time for a huge involvement, redesigning the Mckinsey&Company Official Website

  • Think Money Group

    My responsibilities include solely maintaining the Frontend of white label Insurance products - Motor Insurance & Home Insurance. Also responsible in development of the current OceanFinance blog website. Followed Agile methodology using TFS as version control system & tracking tool, and C#.NET as the backend.

  • Accenture UK (DWP, Post Office)

    As a Full Stack developer, my primary goal was to build GDS (Government Digital Service) compliant applications following GDS design principles like security, accessibility, performance, responsiveness and agile methodologies.
    Apart from writing quality code, my typical work involves :

    • Leading a team of 10 people
    • Strategic Planning and Estimation
    • Conducting Interviews
    • Defining Technical Architecture
    • Collaborating with Clients, Stakeholders, Business Analysts, Product Owners, Delivery Leads
    • Conducting code reviews and maintaining coding standards
    • Setting up development and CI/CD framework
    • Streamlining processes to maximise team throughput and efficiency
    • Building secure, omni-channel REST micro-services
    • As side of desk project, advise and improve charity organisation websites.

  • The National Lottery Community Fund

    My daily responsibilities involve working with TNLCF developers to migrate a legacy application to a Progressive Web Application using modern tech-stacks, standards, methodologies and constantly improve it. Making it available to customers in various regions of the UK namely Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England by deploying the code into multiple AWS EC2 instances strategically using feature toggles to make sure flexibility is maintained. I personally also suggested & successfully implemented a mechanism to drastically lower the time taken to run anti-virus checks on the AWS server. Reduced the same from the earlier 30 seconds to less than 1 second using ClamAV. The quality of the code is of the utmost importance, maintaining it by running various code quality checks using Travis CI, Percy (visual review platform), Cypress tests on git feature branches in addition to the usual code quality standards like Code Review, Linting etc.

  • Skills Forward (part of NCFE)

    Worked on an Angular 8 powered web application which consumed APIs built on PHP backend. My responsibilities was to single handedly build all the complicated components of the Angular application referring to an Adobe XD built design within 20 days’ time. Some of those components included building:

    • Chat service
    • Line and Pie charts
    • Dynamic Slider
    • Highly dynamic tables with functionalities like filter, search which refreshes on altering the dynamic slider
    • File Drag and Drop
    • Data driven dynamic menu

  • Difrent (DWP)

    Successfully drove the development of an Angular 8 application following GDS standards right upto deployment stage.

    • Took ownership of the app by resolving blockers, guiding team members and collaborating constantly with client stakeholders
    • Boosted confidence in quality by following standards like code review, linting, static code analysis
    • Made the app CI/CD ready by setting up and maintaining configurations for various environments
    • Optimized the delivery process by creating and configuring Jenkins jobs, pipelines, scripts
    • Made the application accessibility compliant
    • Bridged the gap and facilitated smooth communication between developers, testers and DevOps ensuring the end goal is met
    • Maintaining documentations relating to development and Continuous Integration

  • Difrent (NHS)

    • Collaborate with client BAs and designers to solidify the requirements
    • Solutionize with other devs
    • Taking ownership of developing complex frontend modules
    • Optimal usage of expressJS by using middlewares for resolvers, logic checks etc. keeping the controllers neat and thin
    • Making use of models to data cleanse and transform API requests
    • Integration testing using cypress
    • Unit tests using mocha, chai, sinon, proxyquire etc

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